1 more day….

Hey hey peeps….

Well, tomorrow is my last day on medication…. have spaced it out and taken it every other day, so am hoping and keeping everything crossed that all goes well when I just don’t take it anymore…. I really want to be able to live med free, as it’s driving me mad. Well, I won’t be totally medication free, as I tried to cut off my Omeprazole as well, and that ended in epic fail. So I shall keep taking that, but as far as psychotropic medication is concerned, I’m done with it.

Currently watching my 9 month old daughter, laughing, bouncing and chatting away in her chair; she was supposed to be in bed asleep by 8.30pm, but she just wouldn’t go to sleep tonight! Hoping she’ll go off when we all go to be around 11 ish. Fingers crossed!! I need my sleep, am shattered. Bless her, I honestly cannot believe she turned 9 months yesterday!! Where the heck has 9 months gone?! It’s flown by. It’s scary and makes me really emosh! I miss the newborn sleepy cuddles that filled my day haha. Now I just spend my day chasing her around as she’s crawling now. And yesterday she decided to pull herself up and stand! Aaaaaaaagh! Growing up way too quickly for my liking. But I love her so so much, she makes me so proud. She’s a proper little cheeky character now, and makes me smile and laugh daily. Can’t, and don’t want to, imagine life without her. She’s my absolute world. She may be a monkey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s awesome 🙂

Mentally I’m doing okay right now, so I don’t think the days of skipped meds have had too much of an impact. Physically though, am feeling the effects a bit. Yesterday I felt so so sick, like on the point of throwing up for most of the day. I spent more time in bed than I did up and about. Just felt so rough. To be honest, I’m hoping that was more down to not taking the Omeprazole than it was from not taking the Quetiapine. But we shall see over the next few days….

As far as next week goes, I’ve not got a great deal planned really. Bipolar group is finished now, which sucks, as loved having hubby home on a half day every Tuesday. But, next week is a 4 day week, followed by a 4 day weekend, and then another 4 day week! So not too bad I guess! On Tuesday I do have an appointment with the course leader, to evaluate how I found the course and generally chat about extra support that may be required etc. Will be taking my daughter with me to that one, so she’ll be the centre of attention haha.

Not really much else to report to be honest, been a long but relatively quiet week this week. Really wish the opticians would text me and say my glasses are ready though, am getting so many headaches from having the wrong prescription and the fact that they’re slightly wonky due to them being broken! Cannot wait for the new ones.

Right, I’m gonna go sit with my little lady and watch Skylanders with her! TTFN.


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