Ups, downs and all that’s in between!

Once again I’ve neglected my blog for a few days, but hey, here I am to catch up!!

Things have been fairly good and stable for me the past week or so; I’ve not felt too bad, apart from a couple of rocky days where I was really irritable and moody! (Thanks Quetiapine!!).

Since I last posted, a couple of things have happened….
I saw my Psychiatrist on Monday, and we agreed between us that the negative side effects of the Quetiapine were far outweighing any positive benefits I was getting from it. So, (and this is the best news ever in my opinion!), I’m ceasing taking medication!!!! That’s right peeps, I’m flying solo, UNMEDICATED!! I’ve dropped down from 200mg to 100mg, and I’m taking that every other day for a week, then no more! I’m more excited than I am nervous about it. I’m just going to take each day as it comes, and if (big IF!) things don’t go to plan, then obviously I’ll seek help. But I’m really hoping that it all works out well and that I can remain fairly level without meds. I’ve done it many times over the years, so here’s hoping I can again. I miss the old, energetic, bubbly me. Am so fed up of being constantly tired and cranky. Fingers and toes crossed peeps!!

And the other thing that’s happened, a rather random thing to blog about, but my glasses broke yesterday morning! The arm just snapped right off! Argh!! Panic stations! Hubby had to bodge them together quickly before he went to work, with sellotape! That semi-held whilst he was at work. He was on a half day as I was due to go to Bipolar group (the last session), but because of the glasses situation, I had to sack that off and head to the opticians to order new glasses! After desperately finding ways to make the money to afford them! Tried the only thing I could think of, and complained to the bank about the huge amount of charges they’d recently taken from my account and said that I felt it was unfair. So, they refunded me £168! My glasses only cost £80, so it all worked out well in the end. I do however have to survive with bodged glasses (now stuck together with superglue!) until the 28th when my new glasses should be ready. She did say they may be back before then, so here’s hoping! Desperately need them!! I’m looking forward to getting them to be honest, as I was well overdue a new prescription, so I’m hoping it’ll also stop the headaches that I keep getting as well. Another reason I don’t tend to blog all that much at the moment, as looking at a computer screen doesn’t do my eyes much good right now!

Anyways, am calling it quits on this tonight, my laptop is pretty much on it’s last few % of battery anyway, so will say TTFN! Be back at some point….







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