Grr Argh.

That title pretty much sums me up today. Been quite a moody moo to be honest, not quite sure why. Probably the lack of sleep has something to do with it though. We went to bed around 11ish, and didn’t get up until gone 10am, but I only got about 6 hours sleep 😦 after about 10 minutes of getting into bed, I came over all hot and felt so so sick! No matter what way I laid, I felt awful! Took ages to get to sleep, and then kept waking up feeling sick again. It wasn’t a good night at all. Still have a bit of a tummy ache and feel off now.

My mood wasn’t helped when we had to rush round to get out to go for my eye test. Which we were then late for because of traffic and then the store being so huge, we had to ask where the opticians bit actually was! (Tesco’s!). Eventually we found it, and luckily they were still able to see me (phew!). I had to have a pre-screening as they called it, which involved puffs of air in my eyes and then staring at a red dot whilst they took photos and measurements of my eyes! (Weird…). I then went straight through for the actual eye test. As predicted, my eyes have worsened, by a fair bit, so am in need of new glasses now. Annoyingly, it’s a pay before you order dealio, so had to abort and say I’d go back at the end of the month, as just don’t have the cash for it right now. Plus, it’s going to cost around £110!! Despite choosing £20 frames, because my eyes are so bad, the lenses would be around an inch thick if made standard, so I’ve got to have them thinned down. At a cost of £90!! Fucking mental. But I’d rather that than wear what my mum always refers to as “milk bottle bottom” glasses! I’d look like even more of a twat than I already do. I can claim back the cost through my health insurance though, so is only a temporary spend technically. But it’s finding that money in the first place that’s the trouble. Cash flow is seriously lacking at the moment. As per usual.

Managed to get the laundry done though, love the delayed start feature on my washing machine, set it up last night, and it was pretty much done when we got up. Just had to hang it up when it finished, then stick baby’s load on. Which was done by the time we got back from Tesco’s. Hubby did all the washing up and took the bins out, so the kitchen looks less like a bombs gone off now. Still need to clean, but that can wait until tomorrow. I’m so done today. Got my hair washed, made hubby’s lunch for tomorrow, prepped the formula pots and sat back down. Too damn tired to faff about cleaning.

Tomorrow shall be spent doing sweet F all, as I just really cannot be arsed at the moment. Just going to chill with my daughter and try catch up on some sleep when she sleeps. Hopefully that’ll shift my dodgy mood….

I think my meds have a lot to play in my aggy moods. Ever since I started on them, I’ve been a grumpy cow 99% of the time. It’s stupid. They’re meant to stabilise my mood, not make it worse. I’ve spoken to a few people who’ve also been on Quetiapine before, and it seems to be a side effect for most people who take them. But my GP was adamant I’m not to come off them yet. Fucks me off. When I see her on the 30th I’ll be telling her I’m sick of the side effects and want off them. She can’t force me to take them at the end of the day.

Anyway, need to chill for a bit before bed, otherwise I’m in for another shit nights sleep! TTFN.


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