Feel like absolute shite today. Keep going really cold and feeling sick. Spent most of the day in bed, my daughter slept in today until 9.30am, so once hubby had gone off to work at half 7, I went back to bed until she got up. Then when she went down for a nap this afternoon, I joined her. She slept for so long though, that she’s currently wide awake, when usually she’d be sleeping now. She’s also been sick a couple of times and has a temp, so think she’s got the viral thing that my hubby’s had and now I seem to have as well. Oh joys.

We’re off to bed early tonight, in the hopes we can all sleep it off.

My mood is still shocking, am still snappy and short tempered. It’s driving me mad. I hate being in a shit mood, really wears me down after a while. I’m exhausted and just generally feeling like crap. Not depressed, but not happy. If that makes any sense….

I still want off my medication, I do feel it’s at fault for how I’m feeling right now. It’s clearly not doing anything. Seeing my GP next week, so hopefully she’ll be able to help.

Right, I’ve nothing else to say really, so gonna call it a night for this now. TTFN.



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