Hello March….

….You already suck.

Literally 2 days into the month and we’re totally broke; literally not a penny to my name right now. And am over my overdraft by £15, which means a daily charge of £6 until I’ve got back under my limit. It’s a fucking piss take. How can banks justify such charges?! Got no one I can borrow it off either, so I’m going to be stung for about £90 worth of charges before I can do anything about it. It’s so fucked up 😦

So yeah, March already sucks.

I still can’t shake this shitty mood either. I’m permanently grumpy, short tempered and just generally in a bad mood. It’s like I’ve got a black cloud over my head, that’s permanently pissing down with rain. I’m not depressed, so that’s one good thing I guess. But this mood is driving me mad.

I’ve spoken to a doctor about my grogginess and “drunk” feeling from me meds though, and he said to cut down to 400mg, from 600mg, and to take them earlier in the evening. It did work to some extent. Still struggled to get out of bed this morning, and could of quite happily stayed asleep, but at least my alarms woke me, unlike yesterday. I completely slept through them, it was only when my daughter woke up that I woke. I still want off the meds though. I’m gaining so much weight and it’s pissing me off. Even if I don’t eat more than usual, the weight is still piling on. It’s just one of the many side effects of the Quetiapine though.

Ugh. If it wasn’t for my daughter, I’d give it all up right now.


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