Short and sweet….

So, I nearly forgot to blog tonight…. am so fucking tired, it’s ridiculous.

But it’s been an alright day I suppose. Went back to bed this morning, whilst my daughter was sleeping. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. The Quetiapine is seriously kicking my ass and I’m so over it now. I want off my meds.

My new Psych has pissed me off too, because she’s stated in her letter to my GP that I’ve not got BPD, and I’m in remission from bipolar affective disorder. Fuck off. So I’m miraculously cured am I?! Somehow I don’t believe that. And she quoted some code as well, F31.7, which when I googled it, stated that it meant a person had been stable and well for many months. When I haven’t been!! I had the home treatment team come and assess me for fuck sake! Nearly ended up in hospital. So she clearly hasn’t read my notes! She just based it on what she saw on that day, and jumped to her own conclusion. A wrong one at that.

So, I’m contacting her on Monday (somehow), and telling her I’m coming off my meds. I don’t give a fuck what she says, she mentioned me coming off them anyway, so why prolong it. I need to feel human again; not this groggy, tired, fat, lump of a person.

Anyway, I shall go into it more tomorrow, as I’m being hustled to get to bed by hubby. TTFN.


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