Something I forgot to mention/talk about in my earlier blog post, was my medication….

My new psych is considering taking me off the current medication I’m on (600mg Quetiapine daily). As she feels that the Bipolar diagnosis is wrong, so really I’m taking them for no reason now. She wants me to be stable for 6 weeks before we attempt to take me off them though…. so am feeling (obviously) a little anxious, but also a little excited about coming off medication. I know I can be okay off it, as I was in pregnancy, but of course then I had pregnancy hormones to keep me on a level. And I don’t have those now, so it could be a different story…. I’d love to be med free to be honest. I hate the side effects of psychotropic medications (restlessness, weight gain, tiredness, headaches….to name a few!).

Whilst I’m on the subject of medications, I thought I’d write a little bit about my history of what medications I’ve taken….

Since the age of 16, when I first diagnosed as having depression, I was always on Fluoexetine (Prozac). That always seemed to be the favourite anti-depressant that all doctors I saw called upon. I was on and off it for many, many years. Up until the breakdown I had in 2014. That’s when I was transferred onto psychotropic medication. I was put onto Aripirazole alongside the fluoexetine, which for a short while seemed to work, but then it appeared I’d take the fluoexetine for so long, my body wasn’t responding to it anymore. So I was changed on to Venlafaxine. And oh my gosh, that was an awful drug!! It made me so, so ill. I only managed to be on it for a couple of weeks, before I had to come off it, as I felt terrible on it. I was then put on the Sertraline and Aripiprazole combination. Which did seem to work for a long time. Up until I fell pregnant in 2015, it was then decided that I should change the Sertraline for Quetiapine, as it was thought to be safer in pregnancy. However, on further research, it was found to come with a lot of risks to my unborn child. So, the decision was made to come off ALL medication completely. It was hard at first, and I did struggle. But after a couple of weeks it all settled down, and I was at my most stable that I’d been for years. It was great. I felt great, aside from the usual pregnancy symptoms!! But mentally I was really well. The plan was always to go back onto that combination of medication again though after having baby. And I did. I then suffered from a mild case of Post Natal Depression, so the Sertraline was increased. This worked fine for a while, and then once it had gotten into my system at the higher dose, my moods began to be all over the place. I had (what was thought at the time), a few manic episodes (or elevated moods as I’m now going to refer to them as). And it was thought that the Sertraline was causing them. So, I came off that really rapidly, and went onto the Quetiapine again. This was increased in dosage pretty rapidly too; from 50mg, up to what I’m on now, the 600mg. And the Aripiprazole was stopped, as my psych at the time thought it was provoking anxiety and my paranoia. So far it’s been working quite well. My mood has stabilised to a certain degree. I still get the odd dip into depression, but it passes quickly, which is good.

So, that brings me to the here and now.

As I’ve said in my previous blog tonight, my new psych doesn’t think that the diagnosis of Bipolar is right for me. So, it’s looking like I’m coming off the meds, and rocking it on my own…. Again, watch this space! Hopefully it will all work out somehow, and I’ll be hunky dory again! Fingers and toes crossed….

Right, I think that’s all there is to say for tonight….I hope!! So, TTFN.


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