A little bit sad….

….today would have been my granddads 86th birthday 😦 but he passed away in 2011. I miss him so much, especially now I have my daughter. I really wish he was here to meet her. He would have adored her. He was such a character too, I miss his cheeky smile, and his laugh. I hope he’s looking down on me and is proud. I strive every day to make people proud of me. It doesn’t always work out that way though, but at least I try….

Otherwise, it’s been a reasonably good day today. I got more birthday presents, and ate cake for breakfast! So can’t really complain. I do now however have a really bad headache. I think it’s dehydration as not really drunk all that much today. And potentially because I didn’t take my meds last night maybe, I don’t know. I’ll take them tonight.

I got a new phone today too; it’s awesome! The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. It’s a really nice phone, easy to use and the battery life is so much better than my old phone! The camera is great too, 16mp both front and rear cameras, and it’s just generally a really nice looking phone. Admittedly it’s £32/month, but it’s worth it. I get 8gb data, 600 minutes and unlimited texts for that. I had been paying £11.99/month on a SIM only contract. So of course it was going to be more to have a handset too. Plus I only got 1gb of data on the last contract too. It cost £51.53 to upgrade early, as it wasn’t due until July. But my phone was dying, so had to get another asap! Going to sell the old phone, as they still go for about £200 on eBay! I won’t get that much for it though I doubt, but even £100 would be good.

I think that’s pretty much it for today; so will call it a night. TTFN.


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