Happy Birthday to me….

32 whole years old; wow. That’s an achievement right?! For someone like me anyway.

So yeah, today is my 32nd birthday, and it’s been alright 🙂 just spent it with my daughter as my husband had to work. Would of been nice if he’d been at home of course, but hey ho.

Currently enjoying an ice cold (almost alcohol free) cider! Bit concerned about it reacting with my meds, so have decided not to take them tonight, just in case. Plus I feel a night off them won’t hurt too much. I don’t know why I’m concerned, there’s not really enough alcohol in it to do a lot, but it’s just my paranoia I suppose.

Had a lush bath this evening too, and pampered myself a bit. Feel good for it too. Now just chilling, next to my sleeping daughter. She looks so peaceful and cute 🙂 she’s cuddling her bunny, so sweet! ❤

Tomorrow I’ve got an Avon order to deliver, first coat of paint in my daughters room and possibly going to get a new phone! Or might do that on Sunday, as we’re also going to see my mum tomorrow afternoon. So it depends on time. Really looking forward to a new phone though, is much needed as mine is dying…. Got to try and get all my photos onto my memory card though, and there’s a lot haha! 99% of my daughter! She’s just so photogenic. 🙂

Anyway, I’m calling it a night on this now and heading to bed soon. So I shall bid you good night!




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