Me 1 Anxiety 0

Today’s been another good day; I was victorious against my anxiety! I actually left the house, and went to meet up with some other mummies at the park! I nearly turned back so many times, but I pushed on and made it. Then when they saw me, there was no way I could turn back haha. It was nice to get some fresh air, but my daughter is still a little too small to go on the swings or anything, so we just watched the other children play. It was nice to finally meet up with some other mummies that are local to me. Next time I’m going to go to lunch with them; I would of today if I’d had the money. After the park, I went to see my hubby on his lunch, which was good too. We then headed home, and I did some housework that was long overdue!

I’m physically exhausted, but mentally I’m feeling really good. Happy, content and just living life! It’s great.

Currently surrounded by noise haha, my daughter is playing on the floor and there’s at least 3 toys going off at the moment! It’s madness, but she’s enjoying herself, that’s the main thing. I may well have a headache later though, as she’s also screeching at the top of her lungs as well!

Tomorrow I’m at home all day, as it’s Avon delivery day, so it’ll be nice just to chill out. Defeating my anxiety has worn me out to be honest. It usually takes a lot out of me to go anywhere, hence why I don’t do it very often. But today I did, and I’m proud of myself. Although a touch disappointed that I couldn’t go on to lunch with them all after the park. Ah well, hopefully next time.

Going to leave it there for now, I may blog again later, but hubby is home now, so need to crack on with dinner. TTFN.



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