Well, what a day! I won’t go into too many details, but will talk about the meeting with my CPN, Sarah.

She was really nice, older than I expected her to be haha, but she listened and was really kind and caring. We spoke about recent events and we’re going to put together a wellness plan, that will be kept on my file, to be referenced when I’m in need of help. Which seems to be quite a lot lately 😦

I’m going to see her again in March as well, as I’ve got a lot going on this month with appointments and the Bipolar Psycho-education course.

I’ll admit, I’m struggling today; it’s not been a good day, and bad things have happened. But, I’m still here, just, and tomorrow is another day…. But I feel mentally drained and physically sick right now. Maybe I’ll go into it another time. Right now I’m just too tired.

I’m planning on doing nothing much at all tomorrow, having a PJ day with my girly. Then Friday I’m seeing my Psychiatrist and then the Psychologist who is running the BPE course. Can’t wait for the weekend….

Calling it a night, sorry peeps. I’ll write more tomorrow. Night.



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