Hey hey!!

Well, as the title suggests, I’m currently manic….

  • Disconnected and very fast (racing) thoughts.
  • Grandiose beliefs.
  • Inappropriate elation or euphoria.
  • Inappropriate irritability.
  • Inappropriate social behavior.
  • Increased sexual desire.
  • Increased talking speed or volume.
  • Markedly increased energy.

All of that and some tonight…. it’s not good. I don’t see me sleeping tonight.

Soooooooo hyper….

I’ve never really documented my mania, just my depression. So thought it was a good idea, but now am sat here and don’t have a clue what to write haha!

Listening to 90’s music again, and bopping away like a mental person! Love a bit of cheesy pop! Takes me back to younger days, when life was so less complicated. Back to a time when I didn’t worry about where the next penny was coming from, or if the rent had been paid. When I had food cooked for me every day, and I didn’t have to worry what was in the fridge or freezer. All I had to worry about was getting to school on time and getting good grades. Simple times, so much easier than the here and now.

But at the same time, despite those worries and stresses, I wouldn’t change what I’ve got for anything. I love my husband, my daughter, my home and my life. Just wish sometimes that it was easier financially. That’s the bane of my life really, money. Or the lack of it. I’m hoping my claim for PIP is successful, as the money would be so good right now.

Saying that, I’ve not checked my lottery ticket yet, haha! Could be a millionaire!! Doubtful….

Loving this 90’s cheese fest! it’s great for mania haha.

Anyway, can’t really think straight to type right now, so will leave it there. Hopefully I can try and sleep it off…. wishful thinking perhaps, but hey, I shall try!! TTFN.


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