Feeling mediocre.

Today hasn’t been such a bad day in all honesty. My mood has been stable to a degree, and I’ve felt generally happy. Had the odd few moments where my mood would drop, but overall it’s been good. Still is now.

I held an online (Facebook) event for Time to Talk day; where people talk about mental health and spread awareness, to stop the stigma and discrimination many of us face on a daily basis. It went pretty well, had a few interactions and a lot of likes on posts that I made. I’ve decided to extend the event for another couple of weeks, to encourage more conversations. I don’t see why it should be limited to just one day really. It’s an important topic and should be frequently discussed in my opinion.

I feel quite proud of myself for holding it, and posting about my own struggles with mental health. I think it got a good response overall. It certainly helped me, so I’m hoping it helped others too.

Tomorrow I’m planning a lazy day with my daughter; plenty of rest to avoid feeling like crap too much, and probably a few movies or binge watching things on netflix!!

Right it’s time for me to go take my meds, have a smoke and head off to the land of nod. So I shall be back tomorrow at some point! TTFN.


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