Beauty and the Beast #1

So, I thought I’d write a post to reflect the title of this blog, and explain it a little.

Basically, the way I see Bipolar disorder, is like Beauty and the Beast. (Not really in relation to the Disney movie though, just the nature of the names…. and I just liked the photo I put as my main image).

Beauty – (hypo)mania — grandiose, happy, elated, high, elevated mood, lots of energy, less of a need to sleep, feeling great, on top of the world, nothing can bring you down, you’re amazing, high self esteem and very confident…

Beast – Depression — low, desperate, unhappy, sad, tearful, emotional, feelings of emptiness, anxiety, low energy, needing to sleep more, changes in appetite, restless, irritable, feelings of guilt, feeling helpless, low self esteem and zero confidence.

See, that’s just a handful of symptoms that someone like me has to deal with. It’s both a blessing and a curse. I love hypomania, it’s not too excessive, but it makes me feel great. Although, I do know it can escalate to dangerous levels. So I have to be watched closely during an episode. I find the depressive side the worst, and most common symptom for me. Which is normal for Bipolar type II.

So that’s the inspiration behind the title.

Going to bed soon, and may well call for help tomorrow. Depends how I feel when I wake up.

Good night.


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