All change….

Well I’ve seen my psych today; and it’s all change for me.

I’ve not spoken about my medication as yet on my blog, but here’s what’s happening:

I’m coming off Sertraline and Aripiprazole, rapidly (over 4 days), and starting on Quetiapine. Increasing that from 50mg to 300mg over 4 days also. I’m dreading the withdrawal effects of the Sertraline, they can be awful. So it’s got to get worse before it gets better…. Great.

She’s also sending me for an ECG and blood tests, and referring me to a support group for people with bipolar. So fingers (and toes) crossed, that it’ll all start to help and things will get better. Not feeling all that hopeful, but I’m trying…. As much as I can.

I’m just glad she listened to me for once; it’s an unusual occurrence. In the 3/4 years I’ve been seeing her, I’ve never felt like we clicked with each other, but today we did. And it felt good to be honest. It was like a miracle had happened. I’m going on my own again on Friday, well, a friend is taking me, but I’m seeing her on my own. So can get more from the appointment again. Which is good.

Oh my days, my daughter is screeching, it’s killing my head so bad.

Just painted my nails…. a little bit of self care goes a long way sometimes. Plus I was bored and restless. Needed to do something with my time. Been promoting my Avon business as well. Really need to start making some money from that, to ease the financial strain on both myself and my husband. He works so hard and never sees any of the money he makes, as it all goes on bills etc. I feel guilty for not working; obviously I can’t with being a mother anyway at the moment, but even when my daughter goes to school, it’s still impossible for me to work with Bipolar. It sucks so much.




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