Finances and shit.

Once again I find myself broke. Somehow rinsed £83 in 2 days….where the fuck has it gone? Now my husband needs fuel to get to work, and I have the grand total of £7 left in the bank. I honestly can’t take this shit anymore. We only buy things we need, but yet we’re still screwed.

New plan: When my husband gets paid on Friday, I’m going to work out what needs to go out via direct debit or needs to be paid in other ways, and then withdraw the rest of it and put in a jar. Then that’s literally it for the month. Same when the tax credits come through, withdraw it and keep in a jar. We need to make it stretch out for the month on food, fuel, nappies, formula and other such things. No luxuries. No treats. Nothing but the essentials. Maybe that’ll show us how much we’re spending at least. And I’ll keep all receipts too, and track what we’re spending on. No more spending online, no more non essential purchases. I can do that for 1 month, surely?! Here’s hoping….

As far as my mood is concerned, it’s shit. I’m proper low and simply fed up with everything; just feel like going back to bed and staying there. For like, forever.



5 thoughts on “Finances and shit.

  1. Mindfump says:

    I switched to cash only a while ago. I had similar problems, the only reason companies want you to use card is because the average spend goes up. Switch cash, and you can only spend what you have on you. Stick to the budget and you will see results. It really helped me, hope it helps you too!


  2. Kat says:

    Ah money… That is the one thing I still, to this day, seriously struggle with. I have a ton of “budget” ideas pinned on Pinterest but I’ve done nothing with them yet. 😦

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